To inspire active lifestyles by providing high quality, recycled, sporting goods and workout apparel to all athletes at an affordable price.


To lessen the financial burden associated with playing sports as well greatly reducing our community’s carbon footprint by recycling sporting goods and eliminating single use plastic bags in our store.

About the Owner

Kristina Witman, mother of 4 started the Carlisle Athletic Company as a business student at HACC in 2019. As a single parent, full-time student, and only working part-time she felt the financial strain of having to purchase new equipment, every season for her oldest son who is involved in baseball, football, and basketball in the Carlisle Area School District. She realized that the outgrown equipment looked almost new and still had a lot of life left to be played, thus, Carlisle Athletic Company was born.

It is now her passion to help other families in the community lessen the financial burden associated with sports by providing affordable equipment without sacrificing quality.

We are a reusable bag store!