Consignment Policy

Carlisle Athletic Company

45 Army Heritage Drive

Carlisle, PA 17013

(717) 254- 6799

Terms of Consignment & Sales Agreement

 Carlisle Athletic Company (CAC) agrees to pay 50% of the total sales amount for items sold. (50/50 split)

Contracts are for 90 days. During this 90 day period CAC reserves the right to set, and reduce the price of any item in order to facilitate its sale. 

  • We will look at up to 10 items during business hours WITHOUT appointment.
  • If you have more than 11 or more items you MUST make an appointment. BY CALLING 717-254-6799 during business hours  (check our facebook for updated hours we change them seasonally). 
  • Please bring your ID when bringing in your items

  • What do we accept

      • We accept sports gear, fitness equipment, outdoor gear, and NAME BRAND athletic apparel. (ex. Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, Lulumon, Fabletics, Reebok) 
  • All items must be fresh in ready to sell condition, working properly, and free of holes, pilling, dirt, excessive wear, etc.
  • (Items that need cleaning/minor adjustments will be charged and item maintenance fee at the owners’ discretion)
  • Items must be brought in according to sports season ex. (baseball, soccer, basketball etc.)
  • We accept summer sports items March-August
  • We accept winter sports items September-February
        • CAC reserves the right to not accept certain items for consignment that do not meet our store criteria.
    • We will purchase out right (cash on the spot) small sports balls such as baseballs, softballs, large quantities of used golf balls, lacrosse balls, etc.
          • Your cash payout for these balls will be 20-50% of what we sell them for based on condition
        • We accept items that are in very good to new condition that are no more than 2-3 years old.
        • We do not accept cleats/shoes that have visible dirt or signs of wear. 
        • We do not accept any vintage items.  
        • We only accept cardio equipment that is 2016 and newer. 
        • If you are consigning a larger item such as a treadmill, etc. it is your responsibility to transport the item to CAC. In the case that the item does not sell it is the consignor’s responsibility to reclaim the item and transport it from CAC. 
    • Items that are not accepted for consignment shall be returned at drop off. If you drop items off to run errands you must collect items we can’t accept within 48 hours or we will donate your items to charities selected by CAC.  

    • Pricing for your items

      • We base our pricing off of similar SOLD ebay items within the last 90 days.
      • An experienced employee of CAC will price your item (although you may suggest a price). Items are priced based on condition, demand, and current in stock supply of similar items.

      **Please take into consideration that most of these items are used and we cannot sell items for what YOU paid for them new. 

      Access to your view your items

      • You may call the store anytime during business hours to check your account balance
      • It is the consignor's responsibility to check the status of their account
      • When your item sells there is a 7 day waiting period for pay out in case of item return.

      Getting Paid for sold Items

      • You may pick up cash owed to you at any time during business hours with proper ID.
      • Checks can be mailed upon request to consignor for a $2.00 fee once the account reaches a minimum of $20.00
      • 10% more money will be given to the consignor if payout is accepted in CAC store credit. 
      • Any money earned that is not collected by consignor within 1 year of time of sale will be converted into CAC store credit for you to use on in store purchases.
      • Sold items are subject to additional fees which include and are not limited to buyer’s fees, credit card processing, and online sales fees.

      If your item/items do not sell

    • Contracts are for 90 days. 
    • You will not be contacted when this period is over it is your responsibility to come collect your items from the sales floor. 
    • A 10 day grace period is given to consignors to reclaim any items that have not sold.
    • Please provide your ID and let us know that you are reclaiming your items.
      • After the 10 day grace period all abandoned items become property of Carlisle Athletic Co. in which we reserve the right to sell the item at further discount or donate the item.

       Other Information

      • CAC will make reasonable efforts to protect your consignment. However, CAC shall not be held responsible for items damaged, stolen, destroyed, etc. 
      • CAC reserves the right to donate items found to be defective or damaged in any way after accepted by the consignor. (example: item was found to have a stain on it while being tagged to put on the sales floor that was overlooked by employee during initial consignment intake)
      • If you decide you no longer want to sell the item you may claim your item from the sales floor before the end of the consignment period by providing ID and the item information
      • Each item offered by the consignor must be in good working condition with good batteries (if applicable), reasonable wear and tear expected and is not defective, broken, or damaged in any way, and not subject to recall. The consignor also confirms and agrees that they have reviewed the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) website within one week of consigning. 
      • The consignor indemnifies and holds harmless CAC from any and all claims relating to any of the consignor’s items sold at CAC, including, but not limited to, claims for personal injury from such items.  This indemnification shall extend to any and all expenses.
      • All items will be sold in-store or through any online platform that CAC uses. 
        • Consignor items that are sold online are subject to additional online processing fees
      • Providing your email below will enter you into our email list for special coupons and promotions.
      • CAC reserves the right to make policy changes at any time. 

      I have read the above and agree to the terms. Hereby signing below I agree to these terms.

      Signature_____________________________ Date__________

      If your items do not sell, what would you like to do with the unsold items?

      Donate them  ____________              I will collect them  ___________

                                                         (all items not collected within 10 days of           contract end will become property of CAC)

      (Please print)

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      City____________________________ State________ Zip _____________

      Phone (____)________________ Email __________________________

      Consignor #________________________________

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      Signature of CAC Member                 Date

      Acceptance by Carlisle Athletic Company